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Avere for Cloud File Storage: Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform hosted a special event for infrastructure specialists working in the entertainment industry in the spring of 2015. Avere's Jim Thompson, lead media and entertainment systems architect at Avere, presented to the group, introducing Avere for cloud file storage, using Google Cloud Platform. In this video, you'll hear Jim talk about: How Avere…
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Autodesk OTC 2016

Are you attending? Autodesk’s One Team Conference (OTC) February 27 to March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada Don't miss out on this: Media & Entertainment Keynote: "The Future is Now - New Platforms for Creating Content" Location: Caesars Palace: Promenade Level 3, Neopolitan 1-3 with PipelineFX Co-Founder and DHX Media VP of Technology, Troy…
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‘Deadpool’ VFX completed by Qube! customer, Rodeo FX

Led by VFX supervisor Wayne Brinton, Montreal studio delivers grotesque skin transformation, Helicarrier crash sequence, set extensions, and complex sequences requiring fire and embers for Tim Miller’s R-rated depiction of the Marvel Comics anti-superhero. Rodeo FX completed close to 230 VFX shots for Deadpool, Tim Miller’s R-rated depiction of the Marvel Comics anti-superhero. The studio,…
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Qube! Helps Platige Image Smash Creative Boundaries in Europe and Abroad

PipelineFX's Render Farm Manager Helps Award-Winning Polish Animation Studio Tackle Projects Ranging from AAA Cinematics to Interactive Video Installations It's created cinematics for AAA games and commercials for Coca-Cola. It's produced viral teasers for the European Space Agency's Rosetta mission and visual effects for Lars von Trier's "Antichrist". It's won two BAFTAs, and has been…
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