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3D World's The Big Issue: New Ways to pay for 3D Tools"

As budgets tighten, software providers are shaking up their pricing policies to serve the industry better, explains Tom May.

PipelineFX, the makers of Qube!, the leading render farm manager, is the first render farm management software to support this demand with "Qube! Subscription Licensing".

"But it's not just the small studios who are looking to save cash - so are the major studios, says Richard Lewis, CEO of render farm management experts PipelineFX. "VFX studios are requesting licensing that provides software as an operating expense that matches their projects' timelines," he reports. "Our customers generally have perpetual licenses for all of their in-house dedicated render nodes and their desktops. But for the short-term peaks they prefer renting both hardware and software. So we've added subscription licensing to respond to that preferance."

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