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Thank you for your interest in Qube! Metered Licensing.

Sign up below for your 30 Day Free Trial and get an opportunity to test the only available render farm management licensing solution where you truly pay for only the time you have used a license. There is no pre-payment or purchasing blocks of time.

Our Metered Licenses will burst beyond your current resources to as much or as little extra capacity as you need to get the job done, and it will always prioritize the use of your existing, paid Qube! licenses to insure the most optimal spend.

At the end of your 30 Day Free Trial unless you cancel, you'll continue to reap the benefits of Qube! Metered Licensing and your usage will be billed per minute at a rate of 10 cents per hour, and you will be invoiced once a month for all of your accrued usage.

To run our Metered Licenses, you will need:

  • To be running a version of Qube! that is 6.9-0 or greater
  • To satisfy any of the system and application requirements listed on this site for Qube! 6.9-0 or greater
  • To install, through our installer, our Metered License reporting agent
  • To allow the machine where the Metered License reporting agent is installed to connect to the internet so it can access a private, secure cloud based PipelineFX server
  • To potentially install the reporting agent on a separate machine than the Supervisor; it's not required but it is recommended

If you have questions, these resources may be of help:
Licensing FAQ | Pricing | Features | Cloud Usage | Technical Requirements | Instructional Videos

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