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“We’ve rendered over 5 million jobs and still counting…” - ReelFX
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"The production team saw efficiency improvements almost immediately with Qube! .. all renders could be sent to the farm while artists continued to work on other shots. The ability to get notifications of potential rendering issues, and prioritize jobs on the fly has kept the pipeline running smoothly with limited interaction."

University of Portsmouth, http://www.port.ac.uk/

“As we move forward under increasing budgetary pressure, we need more insight and flexibility to manage the whole process, and rendering is a key performance indicator. With tools like Qube!, we can finally optimize this process.”


WildBrain Studios, https://www.wildbrain.com/

"Qube! is in the middle of every commercial, short and animated film we’ve produced. As a production studio, we squeeze every last drop out of our software. Qube! helps keep our render farm busy 24 hours a day so we rarely have downtime.”

ReelFX, https://www.reelfx.com