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Qube Beta Testing Program

Introducing the Qube! Beta Program

The Beta Program has been started to allow our customers to test certain new features prior to their General Release into a version of Qube!. The kind of features may range from complex and high value features like rewriting the user interface to the introduction of new integrations with 3rd party software platforms. In all instances, client feedback is crucial for us and makes a clear, noticeable difference in the quality of the output.

Currently a part of our Qube! Beta Program:

  • Clarisse job submission - targeted release version 6.10
  • Google Early Access testing of Qube! and Arnold licenses sold by Google, billed by Google, and combined in the same bill - targeted release version 6.10
  • The New Qube! UI - targeted release version 7.0

If you are interested in the program, please sign up using the form below. When you sign up, you should expect the following:

  • An email from PipelineFX stating that the latest version of the product is ready and how to acquire it
    • Test builds can be distributed in many ways; anything from living in a cloud hosted directory to an emailed attachment
    • Our commitment is to make sure that access to the beta software is hassle free
    • We may also note any restrictions or advisories around testing the software
    • We will link to documented instructions or notes, if needed
    • For a longer running project like our New Qube! UI, we will be releasing a build roughly every two weeks, so an email will be sent after each build
  • Some period of time will pass to allow you to install, configure and test the Beta software - roughly 7-10 days or longer in some cases
  • After that period of time has passed, you will receive a follow up email linking to a feedback form
  • We may request to show a demo to you or to have a call

Thanks and we look forward to you joining the Qube! Beta Program


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