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Qube! Unlimited Licensing FAQ


  1. What is Qube! Unlimited licensing?

Qube! Unlimited licensing provides a complete render farm management system that allows multiple jobs (or “instance” or “slave”) to run per host. A host is a computer, a server, or a desktop running OSX, Linux or Windows.

  1. Why is PipelineFX offering Unlimited licensing?

Qube! Unlimited licensing allows you to maximize the utilization of your machines for rendering.  Most film and visual effects studios and most schools run multiple render jobs on their Workers and mix applications like Maya, Vray, Nuke, Arnold and PRMan.  It all comes down to which applications you're running. Some renderers allow for multiple copies running on a single machine to share that application's license, while others would require multiple licenses for multiple copies. To run multiple renders on a machine, you need Qube! Unlimited licensing.  To run a single render on a machine (i.e. After Effects and/or Cinema 4D), you will want to choose Qube! Designer Licensing.  If Qube! Unlimited is your best choice, we also offer the flexibility of monthly and daily Subscription Licensing, as well as Metered Licensing.

  1.  Is Qube! Unlimited right for me?

If you are an architect, motion graphics studio, broadcast station or post production house that typically renders with applications that lend themselves to one job per host, then Qube! Designer licensing may be right for you. If you are a visual effects studio, film studio, or school that typically renders using applications that lend themselves to multiple jobs per host, then Qube! Unlimited is the best choice for you. Applications commonly used with Qube! Unlimited would include Maya, Arnold, Renderman, Nuke, Houdini, and Modo.

  1. How exactly is Qube! Unlimited licensing different from the Qube! Designer licensing?

The software features and functionality are exactly the same as the Qube! Designer licensed product. The only difference is the ability to dispatch more than one job per host at a time.

  1. What is the price?

Qube! Unlimited licensing is sold as a base package of 5 Workers, the Supervisor and one year of Maintenance & Support for a U.S. list price of $3,500. Each Worker license after the base package lists for U.S. $360 (U.S. $300 for the license and U.S. $60 for Maintenance & Support).  Check out our pricing page or contact sales@pipelinefx.com for a price quote.

  1. Can I downgrade later to Qube! Designer if I want to run a single job per host?

Yes. Your Maintenance & Support renewal will be reduced to Qube! Designer pricing. 

  1. Can I add Qube! Designer licenses to my existing Qube! Unlimited render farm?

No. Mixed environments are not supported. If you need to run more than one job per host you should buy Qube! Unlimited licensing.  If you change your pipeline and only run applications that lend themselves to one job per host, then you can downgrade to Qube! Designer licensing at the time of your annual maintenance and support renewal.

  1. Can I still rent daily or monthly licenses if I’m running Qube! Unlimited?

Yes. Our online rental system will recognize the type of license and issue you an appropriate license. To learn more, click here on the Subscription Licensing FAQ. To order your licenses now, click Subscribe now.

  1. Can you help me get up and running quickly with Qube! Unlimited licensing?

Yes, our “Qube! JumpStart” is a four hour service offering to get the software downloaded, installed and configured enough to validate each of your rendering applications. Retail price is U.S. $1,000.  We also offer an 8-hour "Qube! JumpStart Plus" service to help with more complex installations and configurations.

  1. Where can I learn more about Qube! Unlimited?

Contact sales@pipelinefx.com for more information.

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