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Welcome to PipelineFX's home for video content - Qube! Tube.

On this page, you can find video demos of the latest released or upcoming Qube! functionality, watch any one of our helpful instructional videos about how to use Qube! from our PipelineFX University series, and then browse through what's available in our YouTube channel.

What's New in Qube! 6.10-0

Take a look at the most recent changes to Qube! released in 6.10-0. As always, we have expanded our platform support with new support for Clarisse, an in app submission UI for Katana, and updated Autodesk VRED submission. Not currently released yet but targeted for 7.0-0, you can see our support for Sketch Up to V-Ray rendering. In 6.10-0, our online portal grew to include license management and supervisor performance reporting. On the right, see a sneak peek of our massive Qube UI rewrite for 7.0 and be sure to read about all 6.10-0 released features and fixes in our documentation.

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