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Studio Daily: Previewing Qube 7 with New GUI, Postgres Database Support

Qube's Metered Licensing for Burstable Cloud Capacity Is 'Taking Off,' Despite Industry Inertia PipelineFX is previewing Qube 7, a major release that overhauls both the UI and the backend of the render-farm management software, at SIGGRAPH this week. Qube 7 will sport a new, unified GUI with a view that adjusts automatically based on a…
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Disney XD Ant-Man Animated by Passion Pictures

First Look at Qube Customer's Work in Disney XD Ant-Man Animated Shorts by Matthew Erao Marvel’s Ant-Man has just unveiled some incredible new art from the upcoming webseries debuting next month on Disney XD. For comic diehards, Ant-Man is a name long-associated with the Avengers. As a founding member, the hero has had a huge…
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Rainmaker Vancouver Competes in the Global Marketplace with StudioCloud

Security is of upmost importance to all of us. We had to find a partner who could provide us with a network that was completely air gapped from every other network Ron Stinson, DIRECTOR OF IT OPERATIONS, RAINMAKER Objective Rainmaker Entertainment Inc. is a multifaceted animation studio and one of Canada's largest producers of CG…
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Skydance Forms Partnership Qube! user, Ilion Animation Studios

Multi-year pact begins with the production of two new animated features to be produced in Spain. Skydance Media has launched an animation division and entered into a multiyear partnership with Spain’s Ilion Animation Studios to develop and produce high-end animated feature films and television series. “It is incredibly gratifying to see one of my deepest…
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