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Qube!’s Metered Licensing Keeps DHX Media Rendering Costs in Check

PipelineFX’s industry-leading render management software, Qube!, and new pay-per-minute licensing policy gives the international animation powerhouse an edge in today’s competitive broadcast market. “For too long, rendering has been a black box, constrained by capital budgets - studios have either under-quoted for it, or been unable to substantiate their quotes,” says Troy Brooks, VP Technology…
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Autodesk OTC 2016

Are you attending? Autodesk’s One Team Conference (OTC) February 27 to March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada Don't miss out on this: Media & Entertainment Keynote: "The Future is Now - New Platforms for Creating Content" Location: Caesars Palace: Promenade Level 3, Neopolitan 1-3 with PipelineFX Co-Founder and DHX Media VP of Technology, Troy…
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