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Ex’pression College grads contribute to Oscar nominees

- PIPELINEFX CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT : EXPRESSION COLLEGE - “Our alumni’s contributions to this year’s Oscar-nominated films proves that Ex’pression grads have the skills, talent, and drive that top tier employers are looking for,” says Ex’pression College Emeryville campus director Frederick Faridian. PipelineFX congratulates customer Ex'pression college, as they provide real-world experience to its students with Qube!,…
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fxguide: Rodeo FX helps Birdman soar with invisible fx

 - PIPELINEFX CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT : RODEO FX -      "Birdman" was the big winner at the Oscars yesterday — and there's a Montreal connection to the film.  The movie took home four Oscars — including the coveted Best Picture award — with the help of Montreal-based visual effects company Rodeo FX. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman is the…
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PipelineFX at BlueGFX Expo 2011

BlueGFX Expo 2011 invites PipelineFX to speak Best practices in render management based on concepts and challenges seen around the globe. Five main verticals PipelineFX caters to are: VFX, Post Production, Broadcast, Games and Education. Customers include the likes of Base FX, Cinesite, Digital Domain, Laika House Special, ARC Productions, Smoke & Mirrors, Deluxe, Method…
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