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Linkage Design Revs Up High-End Car Animations with VRED and Qube

3D Design Firm Automates Training and Visualization Queue with Stable Render Farm Manager We depend on Qube! to be ready and waiting, not only upon completion of a project, but also for motion tests at stop points during the creation process. PipelineFX announced that Linkage Design, a global automotive design and training studio, has tapped…
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AECCafe talks on how PipelineFX helps Arch-Viz and Design Experts

"Qube! is a “professional replacement” for the render manager, BackBurner, that ships with Autodesk’s 3D Studio Max," says PipelineFX CEO Richard Lewis. During Autodesk University, PipelineFX taught designers how Qube! helps architectural visualization experts with their support for VRED with a new beta job type and SketchUp.   Qube! has also recently debuted a new licensing system for…
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