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Qube is a highly stable, reliable and scalable render farm management software with nearly 20 years of development under its belt.   

With a feature set relied upon by leading visual effects studios, architecture firms, automotive manufacturers, broadcast stations, post houses and schools teaching digital media around the world today, Qube is the choice for those who want the most control and integration in their network rendering tool and a world-class support team to back them!

You will have 30 days to test Qube.  Follow these steps to get started right away!

Step 1:

Let's first start with a basic understanding of Qube terminology and how it works behind the scenes to better your trial experience.

How Qube Works


Step 2:

You will receive an email with the subject line: New PipelineFX Metered Licensing account: “user name”.  


Step 3:

You must click on the link in that email to activate your user account.

The Online License Portal contains:

  • Account Name:  This should be your company or studio name, not your user name.
  • Reporting Contact:  This is an email address to receive notifications,  alerts, etc sent by the MLS.
  • Billing Contact: This is optional for now and is an email address for your monthly invoice statements.  *if this is not defined, your invoices* will be sent to the reporting contact.

*as a trial user, you will not be charged for any usage during the 30 days of your trial.  So render as much as you want for free by setting up Metered Licensing now (jump to step 7).


Step 4:

Download the Qube Installer.


Step 5:

Follow the steps in this video to retrieve your licenses.



Step 6:

Go to the online docs, click on Start Here, and follow the steps outlined which include:

  • installing Qube
  • submitting and monitoring jobs
  • troubleshooting and system requirements.


Step 7:

Remember, as a trial user, you will not be charged for any usage during the 30 days of your trial.  So render as much as you want for free (beyond the two nodes) by also installing and setting up Metered Licensing now!


For Help, contact support@pipelinefx.com.


Useful Videos:
PFX University - Using the Qube Installer
PFX University - Using the Qube Installer to Build a Local Repository
PFX University - Using the Qube Installer to Install a Worker

Useful Docs:
Download Qube Installer
The Administrator's Guide
Installing Licenses
Tuning Qube for Optimal Performance
Metered Licensing FAQ
What is Metered Licensing Documentation