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PFX University is home to instructional videos made just for Qube users to help with installation and to become more familiar with the product.


With many popular applications, Qube supports job submission from inside each of the apps which allows us to read all the scene settings and pre-populate the submission, so generally the artist’s workflow is “Show the submission window and click Submit.”


Step 1 is all you need to get started.  Steps 2 - 4 demonstrate Qube installer advanced features.  For more videos you may visit our playlist at PFX University or the latest news on our QubeTube page.


Step 1 (all you need to get started):

PFX University Video - Using the Qube Installer :
Learn how to use the Qube installer to successfully and easily install Qube.



Step 2 (advance feature):

PFX University Video - Using the Qube Installer to Build a Local Repository :
Use the Qube Installer utility to download all required installation packages at any time before performing a Qube installation.


Step 3 (advance feature):

PFX University - Using the Qube Installer to Install a Worker :
Demonstrates how to install a Qube Worker from a previously created local repository.

Step 4 (advance feature):

PFX University - Using the Qube Installer with a Kickstart file :
How to use a previously-saved Qube Kickstart .qks file to automate an installation.


Step 5:

Take a tour of all the videos in our PFX University.

Our tutorials include:


Step 6:

Two popular applications are After Effects and Cinema 4D.  We have similar videos for other popular applications located in PFX University or the latest videos and news on our QubeTube page.





If you don’t see what you need here, please email support@pipelinefx.com.


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