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“We’ve rendered over 5 million jobs and still counting…” - ReelFX
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The LA-based creative agency used PipelineFX’s intelligent render farm manager, Qube!, to create the logo animation shown in films like Oscar-winner ‘Manchester by the Sea.  Founded in Los Angeles in 1996, Ant Farm is one of the world’s leading full-service entertainment and advertising agencies -- creating, marketing, and distributing content for a diverse client portfolio.

“We tried a number of different render management solutions and were drawn to Qube! because of its ease of use,” added Lucas Christman, Head of Motion Graphics at Ant Farm, “but at the same time, it’s flexible enough to handle complex workflows. It truly gives the artist the tools necessary to deliver projects on schedule.”

Amazon Studios’ 22-second opening logo animation draws the viewer into the pages of a high-tech pop-up book. The book’s cover opens to reveal a miniature city block as the buildings assemble from the ground up. The street unrolls like a red carpet before the camera comes to rest on the Amazon Studios logo, displayed on a movie theater marquee.

Flexibility is important, since Antenna uses a wide range of software in its work, including 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Maya for 3D animation, After Effects and Nuke for compositing, plus a variety of third-party plugins and renderers.

“Of the solutions we tried, Qube! was able to provide us with the best blend of user-friendliness, application support, OS support, and technical support,” said Christman. “Render management tools are imperative for anyone doing multi-machine processing. Qube! provides micro-level management tools in any modern render farm workflow. It’s a rock-solid product and a tool that Ant Farm and Antenna use constantly, day in, day out, without any downtime or issues.”

Full story published here: https://www.awn.com/news/ant-farm-creates-intricate-5k-ident-amazon-studios