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We offer several licensing options depending on the nature of your render pipeline and accounting practices. All options are a complete render farm management system including the database, submission interfaces, artist and wrangler GUI’s, monitoring, management and productivity applications.


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Machine Installations
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Education Subscription

Site License Annual

Includes Maintenance & Support
Small: 30 nodes @ $1,000 / yr 
Med: 100 nodes @ $2,500 / yr 
Lrg: 300 nodes @ $5,000 / yr 
XL: 500 nodes @ $7,500 / yr 
XXL: 1,000 nodes @ $10,000 / yr 

Commercial Subscription sale

Quarterly / or Yearly

Quarterly: 1 worker @ $45 / qtr
Yearly: 1 worker @ $100 / yr
Includes Maintenance & Support


Support Required Annual

Buy: 1 worker @ $300
Add: Support @ $60 / worker

Licensing sale

Billed by Minute

$0.10 USD per hr per worker
Invoiced Monthly @ Net 30
 Desktops, local or cloud

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We offer remote installation assistance, remote and on-site training and remote or on-site consulting worldwide. From 2 hours online to 5 days on-site PipelineFX render pipeline experts can help you get your render farm up and running quickly or tuned for high performance.

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2 / 4 8 Hour Increments

QuickStart - $500
2 hours online
JumpStart - $1,000
4 hours online
JumpStart Plus - $2,000
8 hours online

Get Trained

Artists / Admins Developers

Artist Workshop - $600
4 hours online
Qube! Certified Administrator
online or on-site - see calendar
Developer Training
contact for pricing

Get Consulting

Virtual / On-site by Project

On-site - $1,400/day
plus per diem and travel
(2 day minimum)
contact for pricing


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