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Qube! Artist Workshop
PipelineFX offers a three hour workshop geared toward artists and new users of Qube!. This workshop focuses on submitting, managing and troubleshooting render jobs as well as best practices for maximum render throughput. The online Artist Workshop is $400 per person and is conducted in one 3 hour session with a limit of 4 attendees.

Qube! Certified Administrator course 
PipelineFX offers certification training on Qube! render farm management software. The Qube! Certified Administrator (QCA) certification validates the ability to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot render farms used in digital media production. The curriculum is designed for technical support staff, render pipeline engineers, Qube! reseller implementation and pre-sales engineers, IT consultants implementing Qube! for render farms, R&D engineers, render wranglers and IT personnel charged with deploying and/or managing a render farm. Training includes extensive hands-on lab time. 
The online QCA course is $800 per person and is conducted in four 2 hour sessions with a limit of 4 attendees.