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Rendering is the most compute-intensive part of a movie production. By some estimates rendering can account for 90% of the total compute hours over the entire life of an animated feature or visual effects-laden feature film. Rendering is a highly-complex, distributed process with dependencies between render jobs and digital assets.

Qube! render farm management software, developed by the team of render experts at PipelineFX, addresses this complexity and

  • simplifies the management and control of render pipelines.
  • integrates with more than 40 content creation software packages.
  • provides the greatest variety of licensing options.
  • provides the best ROI with real time system metrics.
  • integrates with on-premise environments and any cloud service provider of your choice.

This gives customers access to scale and elasticity for accelerating the time-to-production.

Qube! 7, beta testers from some of the largest VFX studios in the industry are finding the performance of their rendering jobs to be 2x faster on their busy farms.

Qube! 7 has a great set of new features, including but not limited to:

The pricing and requirements has also changed!  With Qube! 7 you are no longer required to buy a base package and the Supervisor is now free to use. Not only that, but before July 31st, PipelineFX is running a V7 Promo that includes:

  • 30 Days Free unlimited rendering to new customers, regardless of scale and driven by metered licensing, and
  • Discounts on commercial Annual Subscription licenses

Qube! can run in any kind of cloud environment, whether private, such as Scalar or Liquid Web, or public, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Amazon Web. PipelineFX has clients using Qube! in production on all three! If you have questions on setting up a render farm in the cloud, please let us know, we’d be happy to help.

With a free trial of Qube! 7, you can quickly get a taste for how Qube! gives you the ability to manage and scale your rendering to meet your needs while only paying for what you use.

You can read more about how Qube! works in general here https://www.pipelinefx.com/how-qube-works/

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