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Honolulu, HI (October 14, 2020) – PipelineFX releases Qube! 7.5-0, the latest update to the leading render farm management software for visual effects and digital media education institutions. With the help of leading industry customers and beta testers, PipelineFX has re-built the user interface from the ground up to improve performance, usability, flexibility and ease of customization. Watch a demo of some of the most helpful Qube! UI features.

PipelineFX’s latest release of Qube!, version 7.5, starts by building on the best of what Qube! has to offer. The new Qube! UI not only maintains but enhances the most popular features of WranglerView that Qube! customers have come to depend on for years. Job and host management are faster, more scalable for large farms, and easier to quickly change views as needed. Customers can upgrade and continue seamlessly using Qube! across all portions of their pipeline. Customizable colors and themes make the interface more comfortable to use for any working style or preference, and say goodbye to constantly refreshing to acquire job status. Real time push updates allow the UI to always display the latest.

The newly updated Qube! UI, as part of version 7.5-0, allows for several new ways to view host and job data. Users can create their own highly customizable, structured worker and job tree views, watch multiple job or worker lists simultaneously, or take a quick look at job status while using other applications by just hitting a hotkey. Searching for job or worker data just became easier through the use of new system wide variables alongside new text based advanced filtering. Just type in a few key words, and results are listed. And for finding data quickly, users won’t want to miss the new standard expression log bookmarking feature that allows for a fast return to important log data.

Companies can integrate with their pipeline like never before with Qube!. Version 7.5-0 includes a new Python console, a new Python 3 API, improved centralized preferences, and a new panel plugin IDE with live updates. Now more can be done without having to leave the console.

Last but not least, users don’t have to switch to another application to see their final product. The Qube! Previewer now supports sequence playback. While previewing, users can change frame rates, choose proxy, zoom, and pan. The new Previewer also supports all formats of OIIO with OCIO color management..

Existing Qube! clients on support or subscription and trial users can acquire a Supervisor license free of charge. PipelineFX only charges for worker licenses (one per machine doing rendering) going forward.

Customers currently on maintenance and support can download version 7.5 immediately from the PipelineFX ftp site. With the largest variety of licensing options in the industry, users can adopt Qube! by purchasing Perpetual Licenses, Long-term Subscription, Short-term Subscription, Daily Rental, or by using pay-as-you-go Metered Licensing. Massively discounted Education Site Subscriptions are also available for accredited institutions.

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