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Annual Site Subscription Licensing FAQ


1. What is Qube! Educational Annual Site Subscription licensing?
Educational Annual Site Subscription is a cost effective licensing option for schools to manage their digital media rendering. Site Subscription includes:

The Qube! software license provides a complete render farm management system including the database, submission interfaces, artist and wrangler GUI’s, monitoring, management and productivity applications.

Only one Qube! license is needed per node/host that you want rendering and allows multiple jobs (or “instances” or “slaves”) to run per node.

A host is a computer, a server, or a desktop running OSX, Linux or Windows. To learn more, check out our dedicated website on Renderfarm Management in Education.

PipelineFX Software "Maintenance and Support" is an annual renewal that includes: software licenses, software updates, all new versions, bug fixes, license migrations, access to Metered Licensing and Subscription Licensing and technical support by our Helpdesk and expert development staff.

2. What are the benefits of purchasing Educational Annual Site Subscription?
Cost - Site Subscription offers the deepest discount with annual plans priced at over 90% off regular pricing.
Simplified budgeting - Site Subscription can be purchased once per year and includes the most current software version and full technical support.
Burst Licensing - As a PipelineFX Educational Annual Site Subscription customer you will be entitled to our Burst License Program for Education, doubling your license count, twice a calendar year, for a month for free!

3. If I am already a Qube! Customer, what are the benefits of switching to Educational Annual Site Subscription?
With the new, lower Site Subscription pricing you will receive more Worker licenses for less money.

4. What is the price?

Educational Annual Site Subscription is offered in five packages.  One package required per school (or supervisor, or network).  You cannot combine packages for one network. However, you can purchase multiple packages, with each package limited to one supervisor or network. Contact sales@pipelinefx.com or an Authorized Reseller for a price quote.

     Small Site      Medium Site      Large Site      X-Large Site      XX-Large Site
30 nodes
100 nodes
300 nodes
500 nodes
1,000 nodes
US $1,000 US $2,500 US $5,000 US $7,500 US $10,000

5. Can I add Qube! Educational Annual Site Subscription to my existing Qube! perpetual license?
No.  If you are an existing Qube! Customer, you will need to sign a COD (certificate of destruction) that will destroy your perpetual licenses.  Then you will receive an annual license key for your purchased subscription package. You can always upgrade or downgrade your site license count with no penalties. Contact sales@pipelinefx.com or an Authorized Reseller for a price quote.

Can you help me get up and running quickly with Qube!?
Yes.  You can purchase on of our consulting services called the JumpStart.

The Qube! JumpStart is a remote session with our engineers to get the software downloaded, installed and configured enough to validate each of your rendering applications.

The 8-Hour JumpStart service is primarily for more complex installations and configurations.

7. Do you offer Training Courses?

Yes.  You can purchase on of our Training courses, available online and on-site.

8. Where can I learn more about Qube! for Education?

Visit www.pipelinefx.com/edu for case studies and relevant information on Renderfarm Management for Digital Media Education or contact sales@pipelinefx.com.

9. Where can I learn more about Qube!?

We have Tutorial Videos, Online Docs, a Free 30 Day Trial, Online Demo or contact sales@pipelinefx.com for more information.


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