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Qube! Subscription Licensing FAQ


  1. What is Qube! Subscription licensing?

Qube! Subscription licensing provides a way for you to increase your rendering power on-demand either daily or monthly. The unique flexibility of this licensing model helps studios and organizations ramp up to meet project demands, or manage cash constrained operating expenses by paying for software licenses only when they are needed. To rent your licenses now, click Subscribe now.   Another option for increasing your rendering power is with our per-minute license.  To learn more, click Metered Licensing FAQ.

  1.  Is Qube! Subscription licensing right for me?

If the workload for your organization is either seasonal or it varies greatly as projects come and go, then Qube! Subscription Licensing can help you easily ramp up to meet the needs for a certain period of time. Or if you want to count your render licenses as an operational expense rather than capital expense, then Subscription is a good fit for you as well.

  1. Exactly how is Subscription licensing different from purchasing Qube! licensing?

Qube! operates by you first purchasing a base package of perpetual licenses with the options to add further perpetual licenses or burst with Daily or Monthly Subscription Licensing or Metered Licensing. Perpetual licenses are licenses that you own forever and the only recurring expense is annual Maintenance and Support. Only Qube! customers that are on active Maintenance and Support can purchase subscriptions.  Subscription licensing can be rented on a Daily or Monthly basis on-demand through our website here, Subscribe Now, or as Quarterly or Annual Subscriptions through our network of Authorized Resellers. Subscription licensing fees include your Maintenance and Support. 

  1. What is the price?

Qube! Subscription licensing is available as Daily ($2/day) or Monthly ($15/month) rentals through our online store ONLY (no invoicing option).  Click here to Subscribe Now.  Otherwise, Quarterly and Annual subscriptions can be purchased and invoiced via our Authorized Resellers or directly.

  1. Can I add Qube! Subscription licensing to my existing Qube! render farm?

Absolutely! That is exactly what Subscription licensing is for. Add to your existing farm quickly and easily at any time. Our online system will recognize if you are using Qube! and will issue the appropriate Subscription licenses to match. To order your licenses now, click Subscribe now.

  1. Where can I get Qube! Subscription licensing?

Qube! Subscription licensing is available on demand here https://www.pipelinefx.com/subscription/ or via Authorized Resellers listed here https://www.pipelinefx.com/resellers/


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