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Qube! Subscription Licensing FAQ


  1. What is Qube! Subscription licensing?

Qube! Subscription licensing provides a way for you to rent the software for a short-term or increase your rendering power for only the amount of time you need it.  PipelineFX offers the greatest variety of licenses allowing customers​​ to ​achieve​ ​maximum​ ​efficiency​ ​and​ ​optimize their​ ​existing​ ​and​ ​future​ ​infrastructure.

Subscription licensing is offered Quarterly and Annually.

The unique flexibility of this licensing model helps studios and organizations ramp up to meet project demands or manage cash constrained operating expenses by paying for software licenses only when they are needed (OPEX vs CAPEX).

Another option for increasing your rendering power is with our per-minute license.  To learn more, click Metered Licensing FAQ.

  1.  Is Qube! Subscription licensing right for me?

If the workload for your organization is either seasonal or it varies greatly as projects come and go, then Qube! Subscription Licensing can help you easily ramp up to meet the needs for a certain period of time. Or if you want to count your render licenses as an operational expense rather than capital expense, then Subscription is a good fit for you as well.

  1. Exactly how is Subscription licensing different from purchasing Qube! perpetual licensing?

Qube! Perpetual Licensing provides a perpetual license that you own forever and the only recurring expense is annual Maintenance and Support.  Maintenance and support provides the most current software versions, bugs, fixes and access to our world-class technical Support Help Desk.  Maintenance and Support is required on initial purchases and is required on all active licenses to remain current on software or receive technical support.

Customers can add further perpetual licenses or burst with Quarterly Subscription LicensingAnnual Subscription Licensing, or Per-minute Metered Licensing.

Qube! Subscription Licensing is a license available for the term you have committed to.

(e.g.) An Annual Subscription includes software and maintenance and support.  The license and support expires after 12 months.

  1. What is the price?

Quarterly and Annual subscriptions can be purchased and invoiced through PipelineFX or an Authorized Reseller.


  1. Can I add Qube! Subscription licensing to my existing Qube! render farm?

Absolutely! That is exactly what Subscription licensing is for. Add to your existing farm quickly and easily at any time. Our online system will recognize if you are using Qube! and will issue the appropriate Subscription licenses to match.

To order your licenses now, click Subscribe now.

  1. Where can I get Qube! Subscription licensing?

Qube! Subscription licensing is available On-Demand or through an Authorized Reseller.

7. Can you help me get up and running quickly with Qube!?

Yes.  You can purchase on of our consulting services called the JumpStart.

The Qube! JumpStart is a remote session with our engineers to get the software downloaded, installed and configured enough to validate each of your rendering applications.

The 8-Hour JumpStart service is primarily for more complex installations and configurations.

8. Do you offer Training Courses?

Yes.  You can purchase on of our Training courses, available online and on-site.

9. Where can I learn more about Qube!?

We have Tutorial Videos, Online Docs, a Free 30 Day Trial, Online Demo or contact sales@pipelinefx.com for more information.

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