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  • DHX Media Keeps Rendering Costs in Check with Qube!’s Metered Licensing

    DHX Media Keeps Rendering Costs in Check

    Given DHX Media’s intensive production schedule – the company consistently produces around 13 minutes of fully rendered animation a night…

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  • MMC Brainville Technology Park

    MMC Brainville Technology Park

    MMC Brainville Technology Park Capitalizes on PipelineFX’s Qube! Polish Multimedia and IT Tech Location Takes Advantage of Proven Rendering Solution…

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  • Platige Image

    Platige Image

    Qube! Helps Platige Image Smash Creative Boundaries in Europe and Abroad PipelineFX's Render Farm Manager Helps Award-Winning Polish Animation Studio…

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  • Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge

    Cutting Edge Monitors Dual-Studio Render Farm with PipelineFX Cutting Edge in Australia runs two large VFX studios, one in Sydney…

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  • Moonbot Studios

    Moonbot Studios

    Moonbot turns to Qube! and the Cloud to overcome local rendering restrictions PipelineFX's flexible render farm manager helps the Academy…

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  • Linkage Design

    Linkage Design

    Linkage Design Revs Up High-End Car Animations with VRED and Qube! 3D design firm automates training and visualization queue with…

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  • Escape Studios

    Escape Studios

    Escape Studios Taps Qube! to Help VFX Students Reach for the Stars For over a decade, Escape Studios has taken…

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  • Rodeo FX

    Rodeo FX

    Montreal-based visual effects studio is rewarded with a prestigious Emmy Award for its contribution to the visual effects on ‘Game…

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  • Vision Globale

    Vision Globale

    Vision Globale Delivers Superpowered VFX with help from PipelineFX's Qube! Render farm manager's ability to define custom job types lets…

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  • Image Engine

    Image Engine

    Image Engine Tames "Chappie" Renders with PipelineFX's Qube! "The fact that Qube! lets you tailor its strengths to your needs…

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  • Spacejunk


    Spacejunk Expands Render Capabilities with PipelineFX's Qube! “3D animation became a key part of our toolkit .. we needed an efficient…

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  • L’Atelier Animation

    L’Atelier Animation

    Open API and In-Depth Render Farm Support Ensure 7,000 Cores Process Efficiently During Work on 3D Animated Feature

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  • John McAslan

    John McAslan

    John McAslan + Partners adds speed and efficiency to creating captivating visuals with PipelineFX’s Qube!.

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  • Passion Pictures

    Passion Pictures

    Passion Pictures artists' rely on Qube! to manage renders on spots like Nike’s blockbuster ad for the World Cup, “The…

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  • Reel FX

    Reel FX

    Reel FX utilizes Pipeline FX’s Qube! for VFX on the Guillermo Del Toro-produced feature, The Book of Life.

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  • Univ of Portsmouth

    Univ of Portsmouth

    Render farm management software Qube! speeds up production schedule and capitalizes on existing hardware for developing feature at University of…

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  • Base FX

    Base FX

    500 Additional Render Farm Management Software Licenses to be Used on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” “Transformers: Age of Extinction” and…

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  • Next Media

    Next Media

    Render farm management software helps company meet topical timelines for internationally famous news clips.

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  • MPC


    Powerful, easy-to-use render farm management tools let artists in MPC’s motion design studio become their own render wranglers...

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  • School of Visual Arts

    School of Visual Arts

    With PipelineFX's innovative Education Burst License program for Qube!, New York’s School of Visual Arts students can easily tackle project…

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  • Pratt Institute

    Pratt Institute

    PipelineFX’s Qube! helps Pratt Institute draw up plans for a new render farm and becomes their "white knight" after many…

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  • Fashion Institute

    Fashion Institute

    The Computer Animation and Interactive Media department at the FIT in New York is using PipelineFX Qube! render farm management…

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  • Western X

    Western X

    PipelineFX announced that LA-based visual effects facility Western X has chosen Qube! to manage all graphics rendering on its latest…

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  • Loyola Marymount

    Loyola Marymount

    PipelineFX’s render management solution, Qube!, is in use at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television where it allows…

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  • Original Force

    Original Force

    One of the Fastest-growing 3D Animation Outsourcing Companies in China Streamlines Production Pipeline Using Intelligent Render Management Software and Full…

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  • NASA


    Efficient Render Farm Management Software Increases Speed at Which Scientists Can Take Visualizations of Theoretical Concepts Out into the World

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  • Pratt Institute

    Pratt Institute

    Qube! now at used at Pratt Institute to manage five animation and graphics labs.

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  • Svengali FX

    Svengali FX

    Los Angeles-based Svengali FX has deployed Qube! to manage the rendering visual effects for visual effects work including “Star Trek.”

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