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PipelineFX First Render Manager to Support Autodesk VRED

PipelineFX First Render Manager to Support Autodesk VRED Qube! is the ideal render manager for Autodesk's VRED animations as it provides the ability to leverage real-time clusters. “Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are establishing Autodesk VRED as their enterprise visualization tool, so they now want help finding an efficient way to manage their render queue,”…
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fxguide: Rodeo FX helps Birdman soar with invisible fx

 - PIPELINEFX CUSTOMER SPOTLIGHT : RODEO FX -      "Birdman" was the big winner at the Oscars yesterday — and there's a Montreal connection to the film.  The movie took home four Oscars — including the coveted Best Picture award — with the help of Montreal-based visual effects company Rodeo FX. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman is the…
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Qube! 6.6 Released

Qube! 6.6 Released As pipelines grow more sophisticated, the need to protect against bottlenecks becomes even more important, said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. Qube! 6.6 includes many new features and improvements, such as Universal Callbacks and Flight Checks. PipelineFX, creator of render farm management software for VFX, have enabled production companies to create a…
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