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The award-winning creative agency, PSYOP, which has offices in New York and LA, has drawn over 600 million views for its Clash of Clans ads.  In part, this is down to its new VR and 360-degree content, with PipelineFX's render farm manager, Qube! proving crucial.

"Qube!'s extensive python API gives us almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to integrating software with the render farm." -Alon Bibli, head of pipeline, Psyop

One of the biggest challenges was rendering 360-degree and VR content.  "The number of assets that need to be loaded is often much larger than for a typical shot."  With such a strain on Psyop's render farm, which can scale up to 500 nodes, an efficient render manager was needed.  This is where PipelineFX's Qube comes in.

The (Qube) render farm allows Psyop to efficiently use its resources as it produces VR experiences alongside traditional animated and live-action projects.

"What drew us to Qube was its open architecture"

The flexibility Qube offers is crucial, as the company tries to marry the diverse needs of the various software it works with.

Full Story published in 3D World Magazine 224 (pages 98-99)



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