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Moonbot Studios Lead Pipeline TD Brennan Chapman, Google Product Manager Todd Prives and PipelineFX co-founder and CEO Richard Lewis, share "Tips and Tricks for Scaling Rendering Workloads into the Cloud", including understanding data traffic patterns, matching hardware, and syncing data.

Whether you’re a small to medium sized studio trying to efficiently manage a moderate rendering workload or you’re running several hundred farm machines and you want a fast, dependable way to handle burst capacity, the Cloud is the latest option of interest. It’s not like using Cloud resources is a new concept, but the prices have come down enough to make it feasible and providers like Google are investing resources into learning how studios work so they can attract the business. Scaling into the Cloud is becoming easier and easier by the day.

Read all 8 tips at http://www.awn.com/animationworld/8-tips-scaling-rendering-cloud


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