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Download Qube! Installer

Qube! Installer: An easy-to-use installation wizard and distribution utility for Qube!

Qube! installation has never been easier. No more downloading from ftp, no more determining compatibility, no more keeping track of component installation files. With Qube!’s new installation utility, a simple wizard will allow you to select the computer’s role then it will download all the required software and handle the installation and/or upgrade for you. When installation is complete, a “kickstart” file is created that will allow that same installation to be replicated across your facility.

As with all PipelineFX software, the Qube! Installer is completely cross platform, working with, not over, OS-native installation utilities.

Already have a home-built solution for Qube! software distribution? No problem. The Qube! Installer works with our existing installation architecture. If you choose not you use it, you can install/upgrade the same way you always have.



Note: Version 1.0 can no longer download manifest files (though it can use existing manifests). If you are running version 1.0, please upgrade.

New in version 2.0

  • Self-update & relaunch – the installer now knows when it’s out of date.
  • Http rather than ftp downloads – for those secure facilities that block all inbound/outbound ftp.
  • You can now use a kickstart file in the GUI – replicating installations can now be done without touching the command line.
  • “Download Only” option can now download Qube software for any/all OS(s) from one computer.
  • Better, more informative error handling.
  • Better detection of possible misconfigured Qube installation at the facility level.
  • You can now supply a qb.conf on the command line when installing/upgrading from the command line with a qks.

New in version 2.1

  • Worker mode selection (service mode or desktop-user mode) during install.
  • Worker mode will be stored in kickstart file so all subsequent installs will start the same way w/o any additional configuration.
  • Notification of and the ability to update using a newer manifest file if the copy in the PFX Internet repository is newer than the local copy.
  • Ubuntu support.
  • The user who installs the supervisor will automatically become a Qube administrator.
  • Better handling of no internet connection.
  • Better clean-up of old installations.
  • Windows upgrades will not force a machine restart, even if upgrading a running component (like the GUI)
  • General bug fixes and improvements.


Qube! Installer v2.1-4 downloads:



Our Quick Support App

For all operating systems, find our branded Quick Support application on TeamViewer’s website:


Clicking the above link will bring you to a webpage that will download a compressed file. In that compressed file you will find a “TeamViewer QuickSupport” executable. Running the executable will give you an ID and a password. With this information, a PipelineFX support engineer can connect directly to your computer to help troubleshoot any issues you may have.

This QuickSupport application requires no installation or special privileges, but can be run directly from the download.

If you have security concerns, please note that we will not be able to access your system unless you provide us with the ID and password that will display when you start the QuickSupport application. A different password will be generated each time you run the application.