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When many studios are limited to one facility and a small bank of computers, Australia’s Cutting Edge was sitting on a gold mine – two big VFX studios and all the hardware that came with them. Two times the resources doesn’t mean two times the efficiency, though, especially when your farms don’t talk to each other. To create that bridge, the team invested in PipelineFX’s Qube!, a render farm management tool tailored to the needs of big VFX projects.
Since 1992, Cutting Edge has built a string of studios that employs over 150 artists and reaches from Brisbane to Sydney. Like most professional shops they can do it all: films (Predestination, The Age of Adaline); commercials and TV series, including Powers, PlayStation Network’s first scripted show that’s based on Marvel’s beloved graphic novel series. What they couldn’t do was run all render requests off a single dispatcher, and the minutes kept adding up.

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Cutting Edge links render farms for "Powers'

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