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Major Features and Benefits
added to Qube! in versions 6.6 and 6.7

1.  Smart Share
Automatically expands job instances to utilize otherwise idle worker resources while maintaining a fair balance between all running jobs.
Benefit: maximizes utilization of render resources.

2.  Universal Callbacks
Register callbacks that are automatically executed for every job, instance or frame.
Benefit: simple and easy to maintain integration with production management, notification and other pipeline components.

3.  Flight Checks (pre- and post- flight checks)
Register scripts to be executed on a worker immediately before (pre) or after (post) a job or task (agenda) runs.
Benefit: provide convenient pipeline entry points for arbitrary job-related scripts without impacting supervisor performance or customizing job back-ends.

4.  ArtistView additions

    • centralized preferences and plugins
    • job, frame and instance filters (similar to WranglerView)
    • OpenEXR image support in the preview tab across all operating systems
    • In addition to the preview tab, there is a new "thumbnails" tab with mouse over information

5.  Python “load once” job types are now fully supported

6.  Ability to use all cores for Maya “load once” jobs scheduled through Mental Ray

7.  Qblocker offered as a standalone utility

8.  Job modification
Job environment variables can now be modified after jobs have been submitted, allowing wranglers to change settings and parameters for anything in action

9.  Faster bulk job submission
The deferred creation of table data during bulk job submission dramatically increases the speed of launching renders

10. WranglerView performance improvements
Thanks to tuned database queries and the ability to control size of log data

11. Resource controls for 3DS Max users
The option to launch a job and then add resources as they become available will increase efficiency of high-volume systems

12. Updated package support

  • VRED
  • Sketch Up
  • Cinema 4D R16
  • Autodesk 2015 Products (3ds Max, Maya)
  • Autodesk 2016 Products (3ds Max, Maya)
  • Houdini 14

13. Updated platform compatibility

  • Python 2.7 on applicable Operating Systems
  • Ubuntu 12.04
  • Upgraded MsSQL server 5.5.37 for Windows
  • Yosemite OS X 10.10





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