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PipelineFX is happy to announce the release of Qube! 6.6-3

VRED Support:

Prior to the general release of 6.6-3, we had been working with clients in the automotive and design industries as the first render manager to add support for Autodesk's design software - VRED. After an extended Beta period with these clients and after working closely with the Autodesk Engineering team, VRED now officially joins the long list of applications supported by Qube!


Sketch Up Support:

Also while engaging in an extended Beta with architectural and design firms, we built out our support of Sketch Up for versions 2014 and 2015. With Sketch Up becoming the fastest growing software in academia, we are pleased to offer this to our clients in education.

Sketch Up

We also encourage you to browse through our documentation site. With this release, we have completed a revamp of all of our documentation from Qube 101 to the more advanced Administrator's Guide, and we introduced a section dedicated to WranglerView - the WranglerView Guide.


Other additions in this release include a standalone version of our QBlocker and the ability to view EXR's in the thumbnails tab in ArtistView - New in ArtistView.

For a complete list of the bug fixes and other items included in this 6.6-3 release, please read our release notes.

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