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More Stories in Less Time with Avere-enabled Rendering in Google Cloud Platform

Once upon a time there was an ambitious but still-small studio in Shreveport, Louisiana. A studio full of amazing artists and animators with a world of exciting tales to tell. But alas, many feared that without enough render power to go around, some of their stories might go untold. Suddenly the studio’s very wise pipeline supervisor had a marvelous idea: “Let’s render in the cloud and use a magical Avere filer to take us there.” And that’s exactly what they did.

Now all the artists at the Academy-award-winning Moonbot Studios render wonderful images in the cloud, using its seemingly infinite resources to create even more extraordinary books, films, apps, games, and whatever else tickles their storytelling fancy. And most amazingly, they’re doing it economically and faster than ever before.

Challenge: Big-studio Results on a Small-studio Budget

Read the full case study here:  Compute Cloud Rendering Case Study

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