Published by 3d World magazine:

Distributor:  Sony Pictures and MRC
Main VFX Studios: Image Engine
Production budget: $49,000,000
Project duration: 1.5 years

Image Engine was able to produce impressive VFX shots and statistics with the help of Qube!, the leading render farm management software for VFX, Post Production, Broadcast, Design and Education.

Number Crunch: PipelineFX's Qube! Render Stats

  • How Long? It took 95 million CPU minutes to make 1,000 VFX shots for  Chappie
  • That Means? It's the equivalent of one computer working non-stop for 2,000+ years
  • Machine Power: The 500 machine Qube! managed render farm was used to create a mix of light sequences, hard-surface character creation, live-action animation, comps and lighting task
  • Reliable Results:  "Some of the simulations for our final sequence took machines with 192 GB of memory over 24 hours to render a frame," says Gino del Rosario, Head of Technology at Image Engine.
  • Day Rate: Qube! ran an average of 1,479 render jobs a day for Chappie.
  • Job Time: The Whole render process took Qube! 498 days to complete