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Render Storage Performance on a Budget for All-Digital Dome Productions at California Academy of Sciences

Rendering content to create the high-quality imagery for a single show in the dome requires hundreds of rendering nodes and massive, high-speed storage resources to support the compute workload.

Step through the doors of the California Academy of Sciences Morrison Planetarium in Golden Gate Park, and you could end up anywhere in the universe—from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy to the streets of San Francisco during the 1906 earthquake, or smack-dab inside the double-helix strand of a DNA molecule. While these educational forays through earth and space typically last just 25 minutes, the show’s own journey to the Planetarium’s 75-foot-diameter projection screen spans more than a year—that’s the time it takes for engineering and production staff to create the imagery that so convincingly transports you to new worlds of adventure.

Challenge: Quality Imagery Despite Unpredictable Workloads and a Fixed Budget

Read the full case study here: Rendering Case Study

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