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Render farm manager's ability to define custom job types lets visual effects studio manage complex multi-application workflows for blockbuster movie projects such as ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past,’ ‘Race’ and ‘The Colony.’

For Vision Globale, creating effects for movies like X-Men: Days of Future Pastcould be as complex as their plots. In its work on projects like Bryan Singer's time-travelling, shapeshifting, Academy Award-nominated blockbuster, the Montreal studio uses no fewer than four separate 3D packages, plus numerous other renderers, compositing applications, simulation tools and plugins. Fortunately, Qube!, PipelineFX's powerful render farm manager, is there to bring order to the chaos.

Qube! even allows technical directors to automate their work, as Payer explains. “I gave one of our Houdini TDs a quick course on how to submit jobs to Qube! programmatically. With that information, he managed to code his entire workflow. He would send a Maya process to Qube! that would then dynamically build Houdini scenes to simulate and render his final work. Minimizing manual tasks [meant he was able] to avoid errors, streamline his flow, and deliver sooner.”

This power to condense complex, multi-application workflows into simple render farm operations is crucial to Vision Globale's ability to deliver visual effects shots to the high standards of quality demanded by blockbuster movies.

“We always aim to push any long or tedious process to the farm,” says Payer. “Thanks to Qube!, our artists are able to submit hundreds of tasks quickly and effortlessly, enabling them to concentrate on creating effects, not managing computations.”

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