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Led by VFX supervisor Wayne Brinton, Montreal studio delivers grotesque skin transformation, Helicarrier crash sequence, set extensions, and complex sequences requiring fire and embers for Tim Miller’s R-rated depiction of the Marvel Comics anti-superhero.

Rodeo FX completed close to 230 VFX shots for Deadpool, Tim Miller’s R-rated depiction of the Marvel Comics anti-superhero. The studio, led by VFX supervisor Wayne Brinton, worked on complex sequences that required fire and embers, grotesque skin alterations, and set extensions. Rodeo FX brought its unique skills to this collaborative VFX effort, ensuring that the finished product was much more than the sum of its parts.

“I really appreciated the passion and artistry that Wayne and the Rodeo FX team brought to the show,” said Jonathan Rothbart, VFX supervisor on Deadpool. “Rodeo became one of my favorite facilities. They consistently did more than was asked, bringing their own sensibility and finish to the shots. I always felt like I was dealing with true artists who loved their craft. “

Directed by Tim Miller, Deadpool delivers the horrific backstory of Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a Special Forces fighter who, while ostensibly undergoing an experiment to cure him of terminal cancer, is mutated to become a slave warrior. As portrayed by Reynolds, the indestructible antihero has a mordant sense of humor, the ability to heal spontaneously, and a burning desire for revenge on bad guys. As Deadpool says, “This is a different kind of superhero story.”

Brinton is a huge fan of Deadpool and brought his love and knowledge of the comics to the project. “Everyone at Rodeo FX was very excited to work on this movie,” he said. “Deadpool has amazing action sequences and still makes fun of the idea of superheroes.”

“Wayne knows this story inside and out and was able to propose ideas from the comics, which Jonathan took to the director,” said Jordan Soles, executive VFX producer at Rodeo FX. “Wayne’s insight into the canon and his enthusiasm were a huge asset for the team.”

Rodeo FX began working on the movie before production, helping to produce an amusing promo for April Fool’s last year, when the studio announced that Deadpool was going to have an R rating. Once shooting began, Rodeo FX was tasked with 100 shots, which grew to be almost 230 shots on two scenes over the course of postproduction.

Read full story here: http://www.awn.com/news/rodeo-fx-brings-maximum-effort-deadpool

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