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What's Clarisse?

Clarisse iFX is a new breed of high-end 3D animation software made by Artists for Artists. Its workflow has been designed from scratch with the main idea of letting Artists work interactively on their final images with full effects on. Thanks to Clarisse's innovative technologies and its modern software architecture, this dream is now possible: artists can now create and work on lifelike environments with the level of interactivity they've always dreamed of!

Batch Rendering Overview

CNode and CRender are standalone command line applications distributed with Clarisse.They are dedicated to locally render Clarisse images from the command line or on a render farm.



Recommended for mid-sized to large studios, CNode is Clarisse without its graphical user interface. It runs Python scripts, provides an interactive Python shell, reads natively Clarisse projects and renders images. It's a must have for any proprietary pipelines.



Recommended for small to mid-sized studios, CRender is a command line application packaging Clarisse rendering engine. Unlike CNode, CRender can't read Clarisse's native project files. It relies on a special render archive file format exported manually from Clarisse. CRender sole job is to render images.



Both CNode and CRender are already officially supported by DeadlineRoyal Render and Qube!. CNode and CRender can output a special XML file describing render settings and file dependencies from any input project or render archive file. Thanks to this XML file, it becomes easy to integrate Clarisse rendering engine to any plugin-based render farm manager.


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